The EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, MR. DAVID BYRNE.
From Poul Møller

May 2, 2002

Dear Mr. Commissioner.

With reference to your message to EU citizens on food supplements, I want to draw your attention to the following facts: Food supplements have had a low status in the medical world, they are not patentable, bring no real profit and no prestige. Consequently they are covered by a relatively insufficient knowledge. But they are essential in preventing our two major health problems, in relieving and in many cases even curing the patients:

  1. a. An ever increasing number getting chronic symptoms and diseases.
    b. A hastened aging process.

  2. An increasing number of mentally retarded children.

For many years the Western Societies incl. EU have been affected by this medical catastrophe  for which the authorities have no explanation. There are no signs of a halt in the acceleration.

My statements are backed up by facts of the Natural Laws of Chemistry, not comparable to probabilities used in medical science. Chemists and biochemists know that poisoning from mercury in amalgam is the cause, thus preventable. Re: Point 1a: Today´s elderly are victims of the systematization of amalgam in the mid-1900´s, developing age-degenerative diseases of all kinds. Re: Point 1b: An unnecessary strain adding to that of the demography regarding care, special homes etc. Re: Point 2: The children have been born by girls now fertile after those became victims of a very unstable type of amalgam introduced in the 70´s. Part of their mercury has been transferred to their babies. It is cytoxic, accumulates in the brain and makes it incomplete. They may develop mental retardation, i.e. reduced IQ, demand for special education, hyperactivity, autism, DAMP-symptoms, violence, criminality etc.

   Both groups of patients are in urgent need of some of the most important food supplements The Directive is not fit for these major health problems - for three reasons:

  1. The scientific background is too narrow. Only relatively few medical papers are available, while thousands of scientific biochemical papers with positive results have been left without consideration. In science such a selective choice of source, combined with ignorance of the major contributions, is marked unscientific.
  2. It lacks flexibility and
  3. The procedures for improvements are extremely slow.

The medical community boasts about controlled experiments. Amalgam is the largest non-controlled experiment ever: To observe what happens to a cohort of humans, forced to go through life with the strongest poison, always leaking, placed two inches from the brain with open connection through the olfactory bulb. No worry about the patients getting ill, how to help them or accept their diseases. By themselves they have found relief from food supple-ments. Now EU wants to decide paternalistically what they may get and what will be removed.

   All the disorders are escalating contemporarily to an extent of which our societies have neither knowledge nor capacity. We are talking of millions of EU-citizens with each of the more common age-degenerative diseases. The Laws of Chemistry showed their brutality 40-45 years ago as thalidomide-ordinated mothers gave birth to terribly disabled children. Now they show their power once again, but in another area.

   The development is so horrendous, that all efforts must be directed to understand and to limit the catastrophe, and from that point of view the Directive is of no value.
   EU, our societies, doctors, dentists and patients need urgently to understand that  

  1. Mercury is the most dangerous chemical in the most intimate contact with and existing in great amounts in our bodies. It requires a ban on amalgam im order to stop diseases, the intellectual damage of the next generation incl. The knowledge and                 attitudes of the authorities are well known [1]. It is easy for a chemist to show errors and misinterpretations [2]. A reprint is included.    Extensive post-education and change of attitudes are necessary.
  2. A compilation of all scientific knowledge on replacing amalgam and fighting chronic diseases is required by using medical and above all biochemical sciences, the latter containing by far the most extensive knowledge at hand. A new Scientific Committee covering all relevant areas is demanded.
  3. Application of the knowledge with utmost flexibility and openness to direct all efforts towards these major health problems, now the curing of infectious diseases and surgery have shown such brillant results.


The same criticism is valid for The Traditional Herbal Products Directive and the amendment of any Directive following  them, as the scientific background is similar.
Yours sincerely,

[1] Dental Amalgam, A Report with reference to the Medical Devises Directive 93/42/EEC from an Ad-hoc Working Group mandated by DGIII of the European Commission 1998.                              
[2] Møller P. Mercury in Amalgam: The cause of Chronic Diseases, Mental Retardation in the Next Generation and Accelerated Aging. Clin Pract Altern Med, 2001; 2: 181-87. The official journal of The American  College for Advancement in Medicine,  More information on, and