Brief des Chemikers Poul Møller (Dänemark)
an die Europäische Kommission, Abteilung Umwelt

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Dato: tor 6 maj 2004 12:09:59 Europe/Copenhagen
Emne: Response to strategy on mercury. Please confirm that the mail has been received in due time.

Poul Møller, Augustenborggade 21B, DK-8000 Aarhus, May 6, 2004.

European Commission,
DG Environment, Unit G2 Industry,
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium


  Having a MSc degree in Chem.Eng. and a career in the food industry I do appreciate your efforts to clear up the aberrations made by chemists of my generation. Specially that you throw light on the most toxic non-radioactive heavy metal, mercury, and encourage competent citizens to send their comments to the strategy proposed.

   I am retired and completely independent. Due to severe diseases of amalgam-origin in my close family I have for many years studied its connection to chronic diseases. With basic and exact documented chemistry and studies of biochemistry and biology I go from cause to disease. The medical world goes from disease to cause by selecting the statistically most significant one among a series of hypotheses. If the real cause is not included, it will not be found..

   The contribution is unique, as I combine statements from Scandinavian Health Authorities and point out their confession of the severe neurotoxicity of amalgam in teeth.

   I hope my comments will be dealt with by some of your unprejudiced scientists.

   Kind regards

   Poul Møller.



   Gentlemen, this contribution is unique: Statements from the Scandinavian Health Authorities, when combined, confess the severe neurotoxicity of amalgam. They deal the final deathblow to this horror and end the controversy. The rest is politics.

   Anyone having learnt Science at High School level, physicians, dentists, chemists, must be able to realize, that the chemistry and migration of mercury, Hg, does not stop when it is placed in teeth. It exerts its aggressivity in the human body, as convincingly described below. In contrast to clinical research it is exact science, that got its documentation a century ago.

   EU-citizens have 1.300 - 2.200 tonnes of Hg in their fillings, i.e. 3,5 - 6 g/capita, an awful mistake by dentistry and authorities; every atom is toxic. The release is dominant to the intake from food. We may have 3-5 g Hg in depots, more than all Persistant Organic Pollutants, POP's, taken together. Both groups seem to develop similar health effects, however, those of Hg have got no attention: They are easy to explain. Dentistry has been extremely successful in claiming amalgam safe. Thus research, where Hg plays a non-considered role, i.e. the majority, is half-done work.

   The Western World has two epidemics of chronic diseases: Among the elderly and among the rising generation getting physical or mental defects, diminished intelligence, autism, need of costly special education etc. Their mothers suffer from miscarriage, stillborn or premature babies. Attacks from Hg ex amalgam on vital organs will sooner or later be accepted as the common cause. School medicine diagnoses wrongly; it does not target treatment, medication and research correctly, a waste of resources of a size that will be unaffordable in a few years. A blunder of gigantic dimensions.

   It is high time for the Health Authorities to remove the blinkers, take responsibility of an unlimited, reckless use of amalgam, agree to a ban and organize re-education of physicians and dentists. There is no other way ahead. Universities must become aware of toxic dentistry and teach how to recover patients correctly. It will be a great and costly task requiring a powerful order of priority. But it will prevent the disorders mentioned. Additionally Hg in all drugs and vaccines, the reason for the autism epidemics in UK and USA must be banned.

   The continuous accumulation of methyl-Hg in Nature points to a substantial risk of top intelligence in the Western World and its ability of judgement.

   The UN University has just issued: “The brainpower of entire nations has diminished because of a shortage of the right vitamins. The most disturbing gap between countries with good and poor nutrition is in intelligence”, said C. Garza, a Cornell Univ. professor who also leads the nutrition program at UNU. “A difference of 5 to 7 IQ points does not sound like a lot, but you have to look at the tail ends of the curves. You are significantly reducing the number of gifted people and increasing the number of people with mental incapacities”.

   Among the many proposals the effect of Hg is not considered. Antioxidants including anti-oxidative vitamins are destroyed by a great surplus of free radicals. Their dominant source is Hg. Thus it plays an important role. We have seen it in the last decennia. Neither do we know whether our genes have been irreversibly changed by attacks on DNA during the long time of poisoning. Our biological problem is, that we have no enzymes to make all these persistent chemicals water soluble.

   Other issues: The health situation is so alarming as the damage has spread to our children. Thus: Please, stop long discussions! Act! Cut things short! Rather today than tomorrow.


   The National Health Service of Denmark, Sundhedsstyrelsen, answered some questions by the Parliamentary Committee following my audience: Oct. 24, 2001 it wrote: “The adviser of the Health Department calls attention to the neurotoxicity of inorganic mercury. Further, he states, that organic mercury is strongly neurotoxic with extensive damages on the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves. The department agrees, but these cases of severe chronic poisoning is not to be compared with the minimal amounts of mercury released from tooth fillings of silver amalgam and absorbed in the organism”.
   The amounts are, however, not at all minimal as stated by the Norwegians and the Swedes.
   The Norwegian colleague, Helsedirektoratet, Oslo, issued new Guidelines for the use of materials for tooth restorations, valid July 1, 2003. On pages 10 and 14:
   “It has been known for long, that mercury is being released from amalgam fillings, and during the latest decennia comparatively much documentation has appeared showing, that more Hg is released than previously assumed and more is absorbed in the human organism.
   During the latest 10-15 years it has been documented, that Hg from amalgam fillings is traced in unwanted places. It has been established, that the amount of Hg in the brains of dead people correlates with the number of amalgam fillings. Hg penetrates placenta and the concentration of Hg in the fetus correlates with the number of amalgam fillings of the mother. The amount of Hg in breast milk increases with an increasing number of fillings of the mother. People with amalgam have more Hg i body fluids than people without.
   Although amalgam has been used for more than 100 years and is the substance that contributed most to save the Norwegian people from toothlessness, there is great agreement, that amalgam fillings is an essential part of the exposure of Hg in the general population. It is known that Hg in high doses is leading to disturbances in the function of the brain, kidneys, the immune system and the development of the fetus. There is no base to set a lower limit for a non-dangerous influence.”
   In opposition to DK: “To-day dentists have more good alternatives to amalgam. None of them replaces amalgam for all indications, but taken together, they cover the whole area”.
   The Norwegian conlusion: Advice against the use of amalgam.
   In May 2003 the Swedish Government received the Dental report. Prof. Maths Berlin, a former chairman of the WHO committee on Hg, had been commissioned to update his risk analysis of 1997. Medline 1997-2002 gave more than 700 references out of totally 3.600; they were read and assessed. A lot of risks were identified.
   Prof. Berlin in Oslo May 29, 2000 (official report p. 89-90): “The risks of using amalgam are too high. The toxicological profile in terms of adverse effects on the CNS is nasty enough to motivate the exclusion of amalgam”. The US-Congress-Hearing May 8, 2003: “Historical safety margins with respect to mercury exposure from amalgam fillings are now nonexistent”.
   The report in English, p. 25-26: “With reference to the fact that mercury is a multipotent toxin with effects on several levels of the biochemical dynamics of the cell, amalgam must be considered an unsuitable material for dental restoration. This is specially true since fully adequate and less toxic alternatives are available.
   With reference to the risk of inhibiting influence on the growing brain, it is not compatible with science and well-tried experience to use amalgam fillings in children and fertile women” (no Hg in females until the age of 40!)
   “Every doctor and dentist should, where patients are suffering from unclear pathological states and autoimmune diseases, consider whether side-effects from mercury released from amalgam may be one contributory cause of the symptoms.
   The risk of inhibition of brain development during the fetal stage and early childhood is obvious, p. 22.
   Three new health risks have emerged which, with reasonable suspicion, may conceivably be attributed to Hg from amalgam: These hazards involve influence on the retina, testicles and thyroid functions, p. 20. Hg remains in the retina for a very long time - often for years, p. 9. Likewise in testicles, p.16”.
   The Swedish conclusion: The Goverment wants a ban on amalgam.


   Surely chemistry and migration of Hg take place in the teeth and anywhere in the body. It should be evident to any educated person. Thus we have to make the following statements:
   Hg vaporizes and corrodes in the presence of more noble metals, gold, through all surfaces of the fillings. Most thereof enters the blood stream of the jawbone directly. All kinds of wear release it: Chewing, chewing gum, tooth brushing, -cleaning, -polishing and bruxism. Five years old fillings have lost 25%, after 10-15 years half the Hg has left them.
   It easily passes the intestinal wall, helped by emulsified fat, oxidizes quickly in body fluids, is by far the main source of free radicals splitting any compound hit. It creates oxidative stress
   It attacks sulphur containing proteins, enzymes, some hormones and DNA and sets them out of action. Selenium similarly, e.g. in the enzyme that generates our most important antioxidant glutathione.
   It forms cytotoxic organic Hg. Our streptococci in the plaque directly on the fillings, in the throat and alimentary canal do it. It penetrates protecting barriers, cell membranes, blood/brain and blood/retina, the placenta and the mammary glands. It accumulates in the brain of the fetus/baby.
   The final compounds are deposited anywhere in the body. They are extremely water insoluble.
   Comments: Saturated Hg-vapor at 37C contains 50.000 µg Hg/m3. Even if for various reasons we are far from saturation, many amalgam bearers inhale constantly Hg above the safety limit. It varies between countries, 10-25 µg/m3. The NASA-limit 1 µg/m3 makes all amalgam bearers having toxic air in their throats.
   The release may tendouble when corroded by gold. As both metals are present for a long time due to the high cost of gold, the load on the body is considerable.
   20.000 people had their saliva examined 1996 by the Univ. of Tübingen. 30% had higher exposure than the permissible WHO-intake, often several fold, specially the 20-39 year old fertile group. They swallow 1.5 liters of officially toxic saliva/day. A statistically significant relation between Hg-levels and symptoms of Hg-poisoning was found.
   By radioactive analysis of Hg-migration in sheep and lamb it was stated indisputably, that Hg in the umbilical cord and in milk was up to eight times higher than in the blood of the mother. Also stemcells are polluted with Hg compounds that have attacked DNA.
   Sick organs have shown accumulation of Hg: An aorta, an idc-heart and a thyroid cancer had Hg-values more than 3, 20 and 20 thousands times too high. Such analyses ought to be standard for removed tissue including kidneys. Only 30% of all transplantations are heart, lungs and liver. Kidneys, 70%, are the garbage can for body-Hg.

   These chemical attacks leave us with four tragedies:

  1. Our proteins are built from 20 amino acids. Cysteine and Methionine with an SH-group (sulfhydryl) are specific. Exactly these SH and similar Selenium-groups bind Hg avidly.
  2. They are placed in just the active sites of enzymes, some hormones, DNA, etc. which are set out of action or deformed.
  3. Cytotoxic organic Hg is transferred to the brain of the fetus and the infant by lactation, just the period of its development. The load is proportional to the flow of blood and milk of higher concentration, and in relation to the small brainweight, it is horrifying.
  4. All eggs of a girl are formed and polluted during mother's pregnancy.

   Three age-groups have been identified:
   From around 1940 the victims of the amalgam-systematization with numbers of fillings topping during the 50'ies and 60'ies, all in defiance of the warnings of Prof. Alfred Stock, who proved the toxicity on himself. They got up to 22 fillings, on average 12-16 depending on country. In extreme cases 10 grams of Hg, amalgam the double. What a horror. They may have 3-5 grams of Hg in their depots, more than 100 millions of Hg-atoms in every single cell on average. In individuals severely hit Hg may be more powerful than all other chemicals in the body taken together, due to amount and toxicity. These patients are now growing old.
   From the 60'ies onwards: The successful fightening of caries.
   In the 70'ies dentistry changed to a 50 times less stable high copper amalgam in children. If they got, say, 5 times fewer fillings, the load is still tendoubled. They have now reached fertile age and transfer it to the next generation. Result: The epidemic of mental retardation. It became the uncontrolled turning point. Their parents will be hit severely at a later date.
   No wonder that chronic diseases are exploding with respect to the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves among the elderly and to mental problems in the next generation.
   School medicine has no solution.


   Although the 3rd “amalgam war” has lasted for 20 years, Universities take no action and do not teach the simple toxicology of Hg. Worldwide they have failed in their duty and agreed to obviously false claims supported by Authorities. When confronted with alarming facts they deny with the usual refrain: “Not scientifically proven”. Nor has the safe claim been proven; it is impossible. Some decision-makers in Government and Universities know the truth and give misinformation to the politicians, the public and colleagues. This must be stopped.
   Every day without decision or action is a wasted one, due to needless and ever increasing costs. It is no longer the cynical question of letting old people die. The unstable amalgam as of 25 years ago was unpremediated and spread extensive damage to the next generation. If not counteracted now, the problem will remain until the end of the new century. We have still to wait for the diseases of their parents.
   Some people seem resistant to Hg. Hg-diseases hit about 20-25% of the population, much more than half of those over fifty years old. A genetic resistance may exist: Metallothioneins, small cysteine-rich peptides may in sufficient amounts catch Hg-ions in the fluids before they enter the organs. Organic Hg is not being caught. Other compounds may act likewise.
   The individual picture is confused which makes evaluations difficult: The number of amalgams, size, type, time of exposure, rate of tooth brushing, frequency at the dentist, other metals, gold crowns and modern ornaments on tongue and teeth have influence. School medicine wants controlled experiments. Amalgam is the largest non-controlled experiment ever: To observe what happens to a cohort of humans left to go through life with an intolerable amount of Hg-leaking implants in their mouths.


   P. 6: The effect of mercury on health and the environment. The only comment is, that we experience an insiduous mini-Minamata-catastrophe among the elderly and a non-insiduous one in the next generation.
   P. 14: Overview of the mercury cycle and current EU-controls. The stock of 1.300 - 2.200 tonnes of Hg in fillings in EU = 3,5 - 6 g Hg/capita on average justify a max. of 10 g.
   P. 21. Dental amalgam. How is it possible that the use of amalgam is without controls?
   It is stated: There is not yet a consensus that substitutes can replace amalgams in all dental applications. Norway and Sweden know how to do. Amalgam has not been taught in Zürich since 1992. Aarhus, DK has changed. Copenhagen is lagging as usual. The most wellknown Danish dentist has been amalgamfree since 1985. 24 years old plastic fillings are still fully up to desired standard. 80% of his patients have got a better health. His experience is of no interest to policy makers, rather the opposite.
   Alternative materials are developed at great speed. Their toxicity is by far below that of amalgam, if of any importance. Research on new materials for fillings, including keepability for years, makes them outdated, when results appear. The missing consensus to ban amalgam is due to politics, bad will and the fear of losing face.
   To recover amalgam waste without endangering human health includes the protection of all in the clinic while drilling it out and until all vapors have suched out. The patient ought to get kofferdam to prevent swallowing of fragments, oxygenmask, ample water and fresh air. Very few clinics apply these obvious rules.
   The blood analyses of the MEUP's by WWF are an imposing, great and confiming study, but it tells nothing about Hg in organs. It is well-known, that POP's accumulate in fatty tissues, so does organic Hg. It is a pity that nobody thought of the more toxic Hg. Because deposited Hg is not found, blood is regarded an irrelevant analytical medium in amalgamfree medical circles. The success of hiding the dangers is effective everywhere in society. Even the ability to make qualified decisions due to brain disturbances may be questionized *)
   This letter should by no means undervalue the marvellous contributions with respect to infectious diseases and surgery. When the main cause of chronic diseases a priori is left out - by health policy and/or lack of education at the universities - the groping results do not surprise.    Abraham Lincoln: “I do not appreciate a man who is not more wise today than he was yesterday”.
   Kind regards,
   Poul Møller

*) Already in Antiquity the expression “Quem Mercurius perdere vult, dementat prius” was known. The one suffering from mercury is the first one to deny it. It is questionable whether poisoned decision-makers of today likewise have lost some of their ability of judgement.

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